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Go down deep enough into anything and you will find mathematics.

School Mathematics

Math Competitions

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Problem Solving

Develop key questions that lead to better solutions to various problems.

Analytical Thinking

Identify and define problems, extract key information from data.

Reasoning Skill

Utilizes various reasoning methods according to the situation.

For your kid's "mathematical power"

The ultimate goal of mathematics education is to develop the ability to explore, predict, and reason logically based on the basic concepts, laws, and principles of mathematics. This is to develop creativity, flexibility of thinking, confidence, and abstract reasoning that is so-called 'mathematical power'.

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1st - 5th grade

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A major part of elementary school mathematics is dedicated to the four fundamental operations of arithmetic.


6th - 8th grade

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Students can do hands on learning in geometry, algebra and probability and statistics in middle school level mathematics.


9th - 12th grade

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The main topics are algebra, functions and equations, trigonometry, vectors, statistics and probability, and calculus.

Math Competitions

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Our team helps you prepare for the American Mathematics Competitions (AMC) as well as various math competitions.


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