What is (IoT) Internet of Things?


The (IoT) Internet of Things is a technology with many different layers. It allows the easy creation, management, and automation of connected devices inside the IoT space. In other words; IoT interconnects many different types of hardware to countless applications in the Cloud.

Using the IoT platform; hardware devices like your smartphone, car, watch, or other wearable technology can connect to lots of applications in The Cloud; such as:

Data Storage/Analytics Applications

  • Data Storage (Google Drive, Drop Box, etc.)
  • Data Analytics (Business Intelligence, Forecasting, Alerting, Reporting)

Consumer Software
(sold directly to people)

  • Education (Course delivery system, STEM courses, etc.
  • Office Productivity (Document Creation and Management)
  • Financial (Banking, Investing, taxes, etc.
  • Productivity (calendars, planners, etc.)
  • Creativity (editing, designing, etc.)
  • Technology
  • Information Security (anti-virus, Intrusion detection, etc.)

Industrial Applications
(Developed for Industry)

  • Software specifically developed for an industry (Airlines, Military, Medical, etc.)

Business Applications (Developed for Business)

  • Enterprise Resource Planning.
  • Customer Relationship Management database.
  • Project Management
  • Process Management
  • Human Resource Management

Personal Applications
(Developed by you for you!)

  • Your cool apps
-Rob Torres